Taffer Consulting

Taffer Consulting offers consulting services to help you drive revenue in an existing business or launch a brand-new concept.

Work directly with Jon and his team of industry experts to find strategic business solutions that deliver results and drive revenue every single time!

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Our Process

New Concept Development


Have an idea that you know can be big? Bring your concept to life with the help of Taffer Consulting. No matter where you are in the process, we’ll work with you to execute each step from conceptualization to launch. With hundreds of new business launches under our belts, we are the clear industry leader.
Envolve Your Bussiness


You’re thriving, great—now it’s time to set your sights even higher. By implementing a comprehensive strategic plan, you’ll see both short- and long-term goals achieved. With Taffer Consulting as part of your team, your business will flourish in the immediate future and will see steady growth for years to come!
Venue Revitalization


Whether poor business practices have plagued your operation from the beginning, or you’ve just recently seen a drop in revenue, we’re here to help you turn things around. Let our team’s diverse portfolio and unprecedented experience ensure a brighter future for yours.
Resort Operations


Whether you’re a 200 room boutique hotel or a 5,000 room beach resort, Taffer Consulting is the go-to team for your business needs. Whether it is front of house or back of house operations, Team Taffer will ensure your resort is full and flourishing. Our service techniques will ensure that your staff exceeds guest expectations in every interaction.
Resort Operations

A La Carte Services

Looking for something specific? We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to your every need