Success Secrets with Grant Cardone + Kylie Jenners Billionaire Status & The Bar Rescue Puerto Rico Preview

Jon is joined by best selling author of The 10X Rule and motivational finance expert Grant Cardone. Listen and learn the secrets of how this marketing influencer manages business, money, and family. Plus Jon talks how you can benefit from Kylie Jenners “billionaire” status, next weeks big Bar Rescue Puerto Rico episode preview, and Jon shares strong words for Sacha Baron Cohen’s controversial interview stunt.

Jon’s Bar Rescue Recap & Amazon Court + Seinfeld “Soup Nazi”episode creator – Spike Feresten

Jon takes you behind the scenes in one of the most emotional Bar Rescue Episode ever! Joined by Emmy nominated writer Spike Feresten find out how he went from Saturday Night Live receptionist to writing for Seinfeld, The Late Show, & The Simpsons. The talk careers, cars, comedy, and life.

Jon’s Fourth of July Spectacular + Vegas Sports Betting from the Best- RJ Bell

Celebrate your Fourth of July with Jon Taffer! Joined by sports wagering guru RJ Bell the Vegas pair breaks down the secrets of sports betting and Jon gets RJ’s pick for Super Bowl 53 in 2019. Jon’s reflects with unforgettable Independence Day facts and reveals exclusive Bar Rescue news! Plus with legacy companies like Toys R Us closing it’s doors he discusses the changing face of business.

Adam Carolla + Bar Rescue Behind the Scenes

This week on No Excuses, Jon Taffer shuts it down with special guest Adam Carolla. Adam joins Jon to talk careers, cars, Crank Yankers, and more. How much goes into one episode of Bar Rescue? Jon shares the exclusive behind the scenes secrets plus get Taffer’s take on Roseannes apology attempt, and he’s answering your emails live.

The Inaugural Episode – Bar Rescue + Barstool Sports Big Cat

Welcome to No Excuses with Jon Taffer. In this Inaugural episode Jon joins you from San Antonio where he is filming his 169th episode of Bar Rescue. Listen to the incredible story of Jon’s early career beginnings that led up to this 1st podcast episode from touring with bands, managing nightclubs, to amazing true story of Jon starting Bar Rescue and reaching reality TV show success. Find out how he did it! Plus Barstool sports Big Cat- Dan Katz joins the show to talk about the incredible success they’ve achieved, Chicago sports predictions, and Big Cat answers the burning question… Is Bar Rescue Real? Shut it down with Jon Taffer in this first exciting episode.