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(In reference to the article by Business Insider: “7 successful entrepreneurs on the worst advice they ever received“)

When I decided to make Bar Rescue, I went to Los Angeles to speak with a good friend who used to run the television department for a major studio. Excited, we sat down and I shared my ideas and the TV show concept. His first words to me?

“You’ll never be on TV.”

He shot down EVERY idea I had. I was so disappointed!!! But I also felt he was wrong – I was passionate about my idea (and I also don’t accept excuses) so being on TV became a personal goal for me. Thus, I went ahead and shot my sizzle reel.

In less than a week, I immediately got signed by 3Ball Entertainment along with THREE other offers on the table! The show was picked up by Spike in about 4 days, and in under a year, Bar Rescue premiered! Now, over four years later, I am about to shoot my 100th episode of Bar Rescue.

So…the worst advice I ever received turned out to be the motivation behind the best show I ever made!

With that being said…. don’t forget to watch Bar Rescue every Sunday at 9/8c on Spike!