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(In reference to the article by Inc: “Kauffman Brief Highlights Need For More Women Entrepreneurs“)

Years ago, female Executive Chefs were quite rare. Now, we see female chefs all the time (I bring a lot of female culinary experts on Bar Rescue!). The fact is, female chefs now have a strong, credible, and respectable presence in the kitchen. The same can be said for female General Managers – females were once very hard to find, but these days I am seeing more and more females entering the management field. Business schools have more female students and most of the intern applications we received at Taffer Media this year were from females.

Females do not need more encouragement – it’s there. Females just need a more equal and fair opportunity in the industry. In my humble view, female motivation is high, entrepreneurial desire is high, and there are a lot of strong female employee and management candidates. The “holders of those opportunities” just need to open more doors for these women!