Jon Taffer Hosts The Evening Edit

Host Elizabeth MacDonald interviews industry experts to get the inside scoop on the day’s leading headlines as they relate to your wallet.

Rich Americans eat more fast food

Americans love fast food Opens a New Window, especially those with more money. A recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Opens a New Window. survey found the more money people make the more they eat fast food.

Jon Taffer: Stores on Main Street are starting to light up again

‘Bar Rescue’ host Jon Taffer on the rise in job openings and small business startups, the Oregon restaurant chain Burgerville allowing employees to wear political pins, a report that China consumers more Budweiser than the U.S. and the challenges starting a new business.

Chipotle launches delivery service with DoorDash

Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc said on Tuesday it would partner with delivery service DoorDash, as the restaurant chain looks to get more people to eat its burritos and tacos, at a time when traffic at its restaurants is falling.