Cheddar: ‘Marriage Rescue’ Host Jon Taffer to Rebuild Relationships, Not Just Bars

“Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer has transformed rundown, unprofitable bars into thriving businesses. Now, he’s on a mission to save something else ー marriages. After realizing about 30 of the “Bar Rescue” establishments had married couples, it was only natural for the Paramount Network to expand the ‘Rescue’ franchise with the addition of “Marriage Rescue.” […]

Jon Taffer Crushes Excuses With His New Book "Don’t Bullsh*t Yourself"

Host of Paramount TV’s hugely popular Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer has made a living gives struggling bars one last chance to succeed with a mixture of business acumen and tough love. He sits down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to talk about season 6 of his hit show and talk about his new […]