The Reason Why I Yell

Everyone has seen me yell at owners on Bar Rescue…and I yell A LOT! But I’m not yelling for the camera or to create drama… I’m yelling to motivate the owner. When I yell, it’s a deliberate attempt to “reel in” off-the rails owners from the brinks of failure. When I get angry, it’s with purpose. […]

Jon Taffer Explains the Valuable Lesson He Learned from Losing $600,000

Jon Taffer has spent four seasons of “Bar Rescue” turning around failing bars across the US. The show is filled with plenty of yelling, fighting, and weirdos that make for great television, but the principles Taffer teaches are all based on lessons he’s learned over his nearly 40 years in the bar and nightlife business. […]

Jon Taffer Describes the 3 Worst Bar Disasters

Over four seasons of hosting Spike TV’s “Bar Rescue,” Jon Taffer has seen a lot of things, including someone riding a horse into a bar. He’s even gotten into some tussles with angry bar owners.