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‘Bar Rescue’s’ Jon Taffer helping marriages that are on the rocks

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Jon Taffer to Launch New Restaurant Concept: Taffer’s Tavern

‘Bar Rescue’ star intends to vastly disrupt the greater casual dining segment by creating a high-volume, hoodless/ventless restaurant format with untapped potential to franchise across the nation.

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Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer wants to save your marriage

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'Bar Rescue' Renewed, Spinoff 'Marriage Rescue' Set at Paramount Network

Jon Taffer will be the face of both shows as he continues to try to help the owners of family-run bars revitalize their businesses on the fan-favorite series as well as attempt to help couples save their marriages after therapy fails on the new entry.

‘Rescue’ Franchise Expands With ‘Marriage Rescue’ Series; ‘Bar Rescue’ Renewed For Season 7 By Paramount Network

Paramount Network is expanding the Jon Taffer-led Rescue franchise with Marriage Rescue. The new unscripted original series follows Taffer as he helps couples whose relationships are on the brink of failure.

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'Bar Rescue' host Jon Taffer on why the growth of food delivery is benefitting restaurants and the FDA considering legalizing and regulating CBD in food and beverages.


Taffer, central scrutinizer behind reality series Bar Rescue, is this year’s chairman and keynote speaker, but as he relates to Las Vegas Magazine’s Matt Kelemen, he’s played a major role in NCB since the beginning.

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The fast food industry is getting bigger and we’re not talking about the number of restaurants.

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