Nowadays, millennials are bringing their mobile devices into the kitchen to help them decide what meals to make and how to prepare them. To keep up with this growing “digital kitchen” trend, smart brands (such as Blue Apron) are making themselves available to help them in every step of the cooking process.
Check out the following three tips that will help your brand benefit from the digital kitchen trend:

  1. Give millennials what they want

Google recently teamed up with advertising agency McGarryBowen and Kraft Foods to research the cooking habits of millennials. They found that those over the age of 35 tend to print out their preferred recipes but approximately 60% of those between the ages of 25 and 34 use their smartphones and other mobile devices for guidance. Consider using this information to help your brand tap into millennials’ growing curiosity for cooking and their recipe searches. For instance, some of the most popular food related search terms include:

If your brand could provide them with recipes that put a new twist on an old favorite, like a hackable but healthy pizza, you could increase your exposure. Teaching millennials an easier, healthier way to cook their favorite foods can help turn a frustrating experience into a fun exploration.

  1. Share some of your cooking secrets

Millennials are also searching for recipes with new flavors or unique ingredients and this adventurous attitude also extends to the brands that they are using. In fact, 40% of millennials choose a product that is mentioned in a recipe because it adds a different, but delicious, flavor to their meals.
Thus, it is important for brands to be there for millennials in the discovery and consideration stages of their cooking process. It’s not just about your product but what can be accomplished with the specific tool or ingredient. A good idea is to teach millennials the techniques they will need to make new and interesting meals with your product.

  1. Take things a step further

It’s important for brands to realize that the cooking journey doesn’t come to an end when the pans are in place and the ingredients have been purchased. Step outside of the box and think beyond how-to’s and recipes; although both of these are important. Take things a step further and consider ways that millennials can turn their mealtimes into a social cooking experience.