The 5 Best Margarita Mixes to Stock Up On in 2021

Tequila is the nectar of the gods, which also makes us feel like gods, not so much the morning after. If you are a tequila buff and only buy the best tequila, why ruin it with a sub-par, sugary margarita mix? That is to say that you enjoy a nice tequila cocktail and aren’t a pure “shots” man.

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After a tough year, a hospitality business can look to bounce back in 2021 because…

I think the first thing people are going to do after they get a vaccine is go to dinner. I expect there to be a surge as people cut loose, so to speak, and are allowed to go back to what has been a disrupted market and a disrupted life. I think people are going to try to grab as much normalcy as they can. Going to a restaurant is one of the defining things of normalcy. So I expect not just a comeback, I expect a surge.

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