Jon Taffer on Barstool Sports Pardon My Take

Jon Taffer joins the show to do the Mt Rushmore of Bar attractions.

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Jon Taffer on Barstool Sports KFC Radio

Jon Taffer visits the new studio and chats with KFC and John about Big Brain, his new show Marriage Rescue, bar fights, and sharing you location with your spouse.

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Fox & Friends: Jon Taffer expands ‘Rescue’ franchise to help couples whose relationships are on the brink of failure

TV host Jon Taffer tells ‘Fox & Friends’ that his new show ‘Marriage Rescue’ was a logical progression from ‘Bar Rescue.’


Brobible: We Chatted With Jon Taffer About His Most Valuable Relationship Advice And His Favorite Bars In America

Running a bar isn’t just a business—it’s a science— and no one knows more about bar science than Jon Taffer, a fact that’s been pounded into my mind thanks to the countless episodes of Bar Rescue I’ve watched (and rewatched) over the years.

I can’t tell you—nor do I really want to know—how many hours of my life I’ve spent binging the show, waiting with bated breath to witness deflated owners question every life decision they’ve ever made and see how many Harbortouch POS systems will be installed when everything is said and done.

They say you should never meet your heroes but I was more than willing to take that risk when I recently got the chance to sit down and talk with one of the few people in the world who have earned the title of “hospitality legend.”

I headed to the interview about an hour earlier than I needed to knowing Taffer wouldn’t take too kindly to me showing up late regardless of any explanation I may have had, because if I know anything in life, it’s that Jon Taffer hates excuses. Thankfully, he was the one who was running late (I decided to take the high road and not tear him a new one because of it).

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Barstool Sports: The Unstoppable Force vs The Immovable Object – Jon Taffer On Answer The Internet

The Internet Is Idiotic. Jon Taffer Is Not. So what happens when those two things go head to head? Jon Taffer is a man who has logic and intelligence and applies those things to every single walk of life. Whether its bars or relationships or television or consulting, Jon uses his brain to come up with smart answers to questions. The internet, on the other hand, is not logical nor is it intelligent. And as I have said many times before, the Internet is currently undefeated. So, will Jon Taffer be able to hand the World Wide Web its first loss? Will he be able to navigate the hypothetical stupidity and actually, truly…..answer the internet? Tune in to find out.

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Marriage Rescue, Workforce of the Future (Bloomberg Podcast)

Erica Volini, Global Human Capital Leader at Deloitte, discusses why , the alternative workforce or gig worker is now more critical than ever as a mainstay of the workforce. Jon Taffer, Host and Executive Producer of Bar Rescue, discusses his new TV series Marriage Rescue. He says he sees similar elements in running a business and being in a marriage.

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Cheddar: ‘Marriage Rescue’ Host Jon Taffer to Rebuild Relationships, Not Just Bars

“Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer has transformed rundown, unprofitable bars into thriving businesses. Now, he’s on a mission to save something else ー marriages.

After realizing about 30 of the “Bar Rescue” establishments had married couples, it was only natural for the Paramount Network to expand the ‘Rescue’ franchise with the addition of “Marriage Rescue.”

“If I couldn’t fix the marriage, I couldn’t fix the business,” Taffer told Cheddar Friday.

Though Taffer isn’t a therapist, his approach to business is what’s helping him coach these couples into realizing if they are meant to be together or not. Unlike a typical marriage counselor who insists on weekly sessions, Taffer has only four days to put these relationships to the test.

“On ‘Marriage Rescue,’ there is no next week,” he said.

When it comes to building a successful relationship, Taffer looks at six key elements: significance, love and connection, continuity, contribution, variety, and growth. As these are beneficial to a personal relationship, according to the show’s host, they are also elements that define a great business partnership.

You can also shut down the idea of “Bar Rescue” ending just yet either, because the series has been picked up for a seventh season.

Taffer has been transforming businesses for over four decades. With “Bar Rescue,” he has been managing establishments and has an eye on what’s working in the hospitality industry. In the future of culinary, he believes technology will be at the forefront.

“I suggest to you that in five to seven years from now when you go to a fast-food hamburger place, that meat is going to be unpacked, cooked, turned into a burger without any human hands touching it,” Taffer predicted.

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Jon Taffer on The Watch List with Nicole Petallides from Ameritrade Network

The Watch List with Nicole Petallides offers investors a midday look at the most relevant stocks, sectors and commodities. Petallides hosts a panel of experts ranging from industry-leading CEOs, analysts and Wall Street influencers to discuss pressing topics moving the market in real-time. The Watch List provides viewers with a midpoint status update for the end of the trading day and beyond.

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Fox Nation: Jon Taffer on The Quiz Show

Tom welcomes ‘Bar Rescue’s’ Jon Taffer to the hot seat and asks him a series of sizzling, ‘Hot Fun In The Summertime’ trivia questions!

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Daily Mail TV: Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer is now saving couples in crisis

Watch Jon discuss his new show Marriage Rescue on the Daily Mail TV show.