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Review: Jon Taffer’s New Line of Drinks Makes for a Healthy Surprise

“You can drink these with peace of mind.”

That’s an oddly sanguine admission from Jon Taffer, the longtime hospitality veteran and creator/host of the Paramount Network’s hit series Bar Rescue. Often billed as the “Gordon Ramsay of the bar and nightclub business,” Taffer seems pretty relaxed — he didn’t yell at us, as more than one person asked — when we sat down with him in New York a few weeks back to discuss his new line of drink mixers and sparkling cocktails, all dubbed Taffer’s Mixologist.

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Treat Yourself With Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer has seen some things — namely repulsive bars and horribly dirty kitchens. But there’s nothing revolting about his cookie decorating skills. Taffer stopped by the Allrecipes studio to create a cookie that looks like him and dish about the weird, awful, and downright disgusting things he’s seen in his eight years as host of the Paramount Network show “Bar Rescue.”

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“Should You Have a Secret Account?” with Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer

Many people have bank accounts they hide from their significant other. Is that a good thing? Jason talks to a woman who’s hidden all her savings, Nicole argues that secret stashes are financial empowerment, and Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer argues for radical transparency.

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Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer explains why experiences make us want to buy stuff

When you go to a store to buy a shirt in 2019, you’re not really going to a store, and you’re not just buying a shirt. No, instead, you’re engaging with an “experience,” and that shirt you bought is actually an investment in a brand, so you too can share a piece of its aspirational image.

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Jon Taffer Adds Line of Hard Seltzers to Taffer’s Mixologist

As a follow-up to the launch of Taffer’s Mixologist premium craft drink mixes this summer, renowned hospitality, nightclub and bar expert Jon Taffer has now added a new line of hard seltzers to the Taffer’s brand called Taffer’s Mixologist Sparkling Craft Cocktails.

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Bar Rescue’s Jon Taffer Launched His Own Line of Craft Cocktail Mixes & Here’s Why I’m Obsessed

It’s no question that Jon Taffer, host of Bar Rescue is the epitome of a true hospitality expert and entrepreneur. He has transformed thousands of hospitality operations around the world and is one of the most well-known experts to date. Now, he’s bringing his expertise straight to your home with the launch of his new line of craft cocktail mixes called Taffer’s Mixologist!

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Texas Hold’em Charity Poker Tournament

Keep Memory Alive is raising the stakes for brain health with their second annual Texas Hold’em Charity Poker Tournament. It’s this Friday at the Keep Memory Alive Event Center. Players of all experience levels are encouraged to participate in this one. Lucky enough to have Jon Taffer as one of the celebrity players and in the studio with us.”

“I lost money last year, but it was such a blast that it was worth it…neurodegenerative diseases are the 6th leading cause of death in our state and 45,000 people in our state suffer from it…so this is a really important thing that in addition to being important, is fun. Come play with me, you’ll probably get some of my money!

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