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    Jon Taffer’s BarHQ is an app specifically designed to help maximize bar profits by smoothly integrating every aspect of owning a bar into one handy app! Track your sales and growth data daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Manage and view your staff schedule and time-off requests at the touch of a button!

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    Jon Taffer’s Virtual Teaching, or TVT as we call it, is an online teaching resource to help you turn your venue around and train your staff using Jon’s decades of proven, results-based experience in the marketplace. If you have ever wanted to see an increase in profits and productivity; TVT is your chance to get the info you need on what works, from those who know what they’re talking about.

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    Get all of your Jon Taffer items right here, at the touch of the button. We have exactly what you’re looking to get from your favorite industry insider and aficionado, Jon Taffer.

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