Launch of Taffer’s Mixologist: an amazing new line of craft cocktail mixers

On September 19th 2019, Palihouse’s Rooftop hosted the launch of Taffer’s Mixologist, a new line of craft cocktail mixers. It was an  evening of pure delight and amazing cocktails and bites. Renowned hospitality, nightclub and bar expert Jon Taffer is is the founder of this craft cocktail experience which you can take home and enjoy for any occasion! In collaboration with world-renowned mixologist Brian Van Flandern and co-founded along with Sean Kane (co-CEO), Jay McGraw (co-CEO) and Jennifer Pullen (CFO & COO) of Launched.LA, the fine-tuned mixes are inspired by the unique culture, recipes, and flair of modern mixology, turning consumers into ultimate hosts at home. The line of products is currently available in retail stores across the U.S., including Walmart.

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