Brobible: We Chatted With Jon Taffer About His Most Valuable Relationship Advice And His Favorite Bars In America

Running a bar isn’t just a business—it’s a science— and no one knows more about bar science than Jon Taffer, a fact that’s been pounded into my mind thanks to the countless episodes of Bar Rescue I’ve watched (and rewatched) over the years.

I can’t tell you—nor do I really want to know—how many hours of my life I’ve spent binging the show, waiting with bated breath to witness deflated owners question every life decision they’ve ever made and see how many Harbortouch POS systems will be installed when everything is said and done.

They say you should never meet your heroes but I was more than willing to take that risk when I recently got the chance to sit down and talk with one of the few people in the world who have earned the title of “hospitality legend.”

I headed to the interview about an hour earlier than I needed to knowing Taffer wouldn’t take too kindly to me showing up late regardless of any explanation I may have had, because if I know anything in life, it’s that Jon Taffer hates excuses. Thankfully, he was the one who was running late (I decided to take the high road and not tear him a new one because of it).

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