‘Bar Rescue’ and Jon Taffer return to Bourbon Street’s Spirits on Bourbon

Three years ago, bar consultant Jon Taffer and his crew from Spike TV’s “Bar Rescuedescended on Bourbon Street and remade Brad Bohannan‘s bar.

This Sunday (Aug. 2) at 8 p.m., Taffer and “Bar Rescue” return to see how Bohannan’s bar, re-named Spirits on Bourbon by Taffer, has fared since the makeover.

In New Orleans, “Bar Rescue” and Spike TV can be seen on Cox cable channel 42 and in HD on 1042.

Although Bohannan may seem disgruntled and befuddled in the original “Bar Rescue” episode, he has few complaints about the experience.

“I might look stupid on TV, but I’m going to take advantage of that,” Bohannan said.

Bohannan estimates that he kept 80-percent of Taffer’s suggestions, including the vintage barber chair in the main room and a purple drink called the Resurrection.

“Jon gives you an outline. He knows some things aren’t going to work and some things are,” Bohannan said. “At the end of the day, he puts a lot of thought into what he does.”

In the year after the Spirits on Bourbon episode of “Bar Rescue” aired, Bohannan said his revenue increased by a million dollars.

“Every day it brings in customers,” Bohannan said. “It would take me ten years to become a destination. He did it overnight.”

Bohannan and Taffer stay in contact. From time-to-time, the Bourbon Street bar owner calls the consultant with a question. And Taffer has been to New Orleans many times since the episode was shot.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Bohannan said.

Spirits on Bourbon: 615 Bourbon St., New Orleans, 504.524.6014

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