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Lisa Lampanelli + Relationship Advice

Jon chats with former stand-up comedian, actress and insult comic, Lisa Lampanelli. The Queen of Mean is now The Queen of Meaning as she joins the PodcastOne family on her new self help show, Let Lisa Help. Taffer and Lampanelli break down the meaning of relationships and the best ways to help people from each […]

Pawn Stars Rick Harrison Pt. 2 + Disney’s Galaxy Edge

Jon finishes up his interview with tv star Rick Harrison. The Creator of the famed Pawn stars television series talk politics, business, PAWN STARS, what it is like becoming famous in his late forties and about his journey to success after 570 episodes on the air. Jon also takes you inside Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge and […]

Marriage Rescue, Workforce of the Future (Bloomberg Podcast)

Erica Volini, Global Human Capital Leader at Deloitte, discusses why , the alternative workforce or gig worker is now more critical than ever as a mainstay of the workforce. Jon Taffer, Host and Executive Producer of Bar Rescue, discusses his new TV series Marriage Rescue. He says he sees similar elements in running a business […]

Cheddar: ‘Marriage Rescue’ Host Jon Taffer to Rebuild Relationships, Not Just Bars

“Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer has transformed rundown, unprofitable bars into thriving businesses. Now, he’s on a mission to save something else ー marriages. After realizing about 30 of the “Bar Rescue” establishments had married couples, it was only natural for the Paramount Network to expand the ‘Rescue’ franchise with the addition of “Marriage Rescue.” […]

Jon Taffer on The Watch List with Nicole Petallides from Ameritrade Network

The Watch List with Nicole Petallides offers investors a midday look at the most relevant stocks, sectors and commodities. Petallides hosts a panel of experts ranging from industry-leading CEOs, analysts and Wall Street influencers to discuss pressing topics moving the market in real-time. The Watch List provides viewers with a midpoint status update for the […]