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The Future of the Hospitality Industry ft. President Donald J. Trump

I am very concerned about our hospitality industry and the closures we are facing. That’s why I reached out to both presidential campaigns to discuss their views on helping our industry. President Donald Trump’s campaign responded to me first. Here’s our interview. My team is waiting on a response from Joe Biden’s camp so that […]

What Happens Here, Stays Here ft. Billy Vassiliadis

Billy Vassiliadis joins the podcast! Creator of marketing magic, R&R Partners’ CEO has been the mastermind behind some of the most iconic and impactful campaigns for nearly 40 years. Taffer and Vassiliadis break down decades of marketing knowledge, what research is telling us and what will be happening in coming months. Shut It Down with […]

Taffer’s Top Callers

Jon Taffer loves interacting with fans, offering advice, tough love and even the occasional shut it down. This week Taffer takes a look back on his personal favorite callers thus far. Shut It Down with another amazing episode… RIGHT NOW! Follow Jon on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter    

Jon Taffer Taps Krowne to Create the Taffer’s Tavern Bar of the Future

Taffer’s Tavern, the innovative tavern concept created by award-winning hospitality expert and world-renowned business consultant Jon Taffer, announced a strategic alliance with Krowne, a multi-generational, family-run company that has been manufacturing high-quality stainless steel products for over 72 years.

Taffer’s Tavern Selects POS, Payment Processing Partner

Taffer’s Tavern, the tavern concept created by hospitality expert and business consultant Jon Taffer, announced a technology partnership with Shift4 Payments, a provider of integrated payment processing and technology. Taffer’s Tavern will use Shift4’s point-of-sale (POS) and SkyTab mobile payment solutions to create a comprehensive, all-in-one payment processing ecosystem for the pioneering restaurant franchise. 

Owning A Bar During A Pandemic

This week Jon Taffer decompresses his interview with Jared Isaacman, CEO of Shift 4 Payments. Last week the pair discussed hard numbers and statistics, this week Taffer takes a more laid back approach by taking calls from actual restaurant/ bar owners to get an idea of what these owners are having to deal with through […]

Industry Doom and Gloom Is Ending ft. Jared Isaacman

Co-founder and CEO of Harbortouch, a payment processor and manufacturer of payment-processing hardware, Jared Isaacman joins the podcast! Jared breaks down hard numbers and trends in the restaurant/ bar industry. Isaacman and Taffer ensure the doom and gloom we have seen during this pandemic is coming to an end. Shut It Down with another amazing […]

Inside Hurricane Laura ft. Brad Bohannon & Big Mike

This week Jon calls Brad Bohannon, owner of Spirits On Bourbon and Big Mike, owner of Big Mike’s. The three reminisce from the episodes of Bar Rescue that they were featured on and provide an update on business, Hurricane Laura and all things Bar Rescue. Jon also talks sports and what the future of the industry could […]